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I finally got it

2010-01-16 21:38:35 by johnnyuzis

my newest work has finally been released, now that I have fixed my labtop. There should not be much delays anymore.

Why I have not posted

2010-01-06 20:57:23 by johnnyuzis

I have not posted or submitted anything to newgrounds, due to technical issues with my laptop pc.
I will have something submitted by next week.

New Years eve is close.

2009-12-30 18:26:52 by johnnyuzis

It is time that the year of 09 comes to an end. kinda lame if you ask me.
nonetheless I will post art and a song by that day it all ends for the year.

greetings newgrounds nation, the fabled day of x-mas is upon us. And as such, I will work to make a submission for that fateful day.

My new work has finally been completed, sorry that I took too long. I ended up being sidetracked by my hectic schedule at college. I can say that it is finally up, but a bit late than I promised.

My second piece

2009-11-27 11:17:39 by johnnyuzis

I am currently working on a new song, and I will be releasing it in about a week or so, depending on how it good it sounds.

My musical work "through ice and snow" has been approved and has already recieved a vote total of 3.82. Thanks to all who have voted, and enjoyed my work.


2009-11-10 16:36:17 by johnnyuzis

I am now composing music with software, and have already submitted my first musical piece. I can tell you, that 8 bit music is my specialty. It is not up yet, because it is being checked.

Hello newgrounds!

2009-11-05 08:32:37 by johnnyuzis

Hey Newgrounds nation. I am here to say, that I am going to start voice acting for anyone that is in need of a voice actor for anything here in newgrounds. I also give a shoutout to egorapter and rina-chan, whom I think are the most awesome people here.